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Student Development and Welfare(SDW) Co-ordinator

Prof. Pallavi V. Dhade

SDW Co-ordinator

Contact No: 9850777104

Email Id: pallavi.dhade@pccoepune.org

Student Development and Welfare Cell ensures the academic and personal growth of students in order to prepare them to make meaningful contributions to society in the future. The Student and Welfare Development Cell's mission is to instill values by enforcing discipline , ethics and good behavior, as well as providing students with the resources they need to realize their full potential. The Five Areas of Development provide a framework for fostering personal development of students across the spectrum, from the cognitive to the affective to the physical to the relational and finally the spiritual.
Objectives of SDW Cell
To create and disseminate a comprehensive policy on student engagement that values and encourages an active and supportive community that promotes positive learning outcomes is the purpose of this endeavor.
To foster development of future professionals
To instill students with a sense of aptitude and the ability to reason critically.
To encourage students to contribute to professional networks aimed at improving student well-being and addressing societal problems.
To assist students in enhancing their technical, creative, innovative, and research-based thinking skills.
To develop a sense of appreciation for diverse cultural practises, artistic expressions, and moral principles among students
To Motivate students to work together effectively, manage their time wisely, effectively communicate with one another, and engage in self-directed, lifelong learning in interdisciplinary contexts.
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Student Development and Welfare(SDW) Advisors
nuradha Thakare
Prof. Dr. Anuradha Thakare
Dr. Sonal Gore
Pallavi Dhade
Prof. Pallavi Dhade