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Total Patents Count till date: 9

Total Copyrights Count till date: 11

Patents & Copyrights Filed / Granted
Sr. No. Faculty Name Patent Title Student/ Faculty Patent Application No. and Status
1 Dr. Anuradha Thakare & Prof.Santwana Gudadhe A System and Method for detecting medical conditions of an individual. Faculty Granted & ReferenceNo. E-2/976/2016-MUM(2016-17)
2 Dr. Anuradha Thakare Road Block Detection And Alert System For Traffic Management Faculty Filed & Reference No. E-2/866/2017-MUM(2017-18)
3 Dr. Anuradha Thakare A System incorporating optimization of critical rendering path of webpage loading Faculty Filed & Reference No. E-2/2520/2018-MUM.(2018-19)
4 Dr. Anuradha Thakare HUMAN BODY TEMPERATURE AND LOCATION MONITOR USING IOT- BASED TECHNOLOGY Faculty Granted Australian Patent & Patent number: 2020102512 (2020-21)
5 Dr. Anuradha Thakare SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LOCATING AND RESERVING RESTROOMS Faculty Filed & Application No. 202021047536 (2020-21)
6 Dr. Sonal Gore IoT based Portable Device for Face Mask Detection and for Health Monitoring System Faculty Published & Patent Application (Number: 201921006615)
7 Dr. Sonal Gore Android Based Integrated Healthcare System for Patient, Physician and Pharmacist". Faculty Published & Patent Application (Number: 201921006615) (2020-21)
8 Prof. Shaileja Pede Sensor based Intelligent System for detection of black fungus among covid-19 recovered patients” Faculty Published & Patent Application No. 202141023345 (2020-21)
9 Prof. Pallavi Dhade Machine Learning and IOT based Intelligent wireless communication system for solving real world security issues Faculty Published & Patent Application No. 202221075232 (2022-23)

Copyright Filed and Granted
Sr. No. Faculty Name Patent Title Student/ Faculty Copyright Application No. and Status
1 Dr. Anuradha Thakare Dataset for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Faculty Registered & Diary No. 20819/2019-CO/L. (2018-19)
2 Dr. Anuradha Thakare Virtual Trial Room for Sari Faculty Registered & Diary No. 3959/2016-CO/SW (2016-17)
3 Dr. Anuradha Thakare An application for Parent Teacher Interaction Faculty Registered & Diary No. 17051/2018- CO/SW (2018-19)
4 Dr. Anuradha Thakare An improved approach for Sentiment Analysis Using Apache Spark Faculty Registered & Diary No. 5382/2019- CO/SW. (2019-20)
5 Dr. Anuradha Thakare System for classification of seizures disorder using EEG signals Faculty Registered & Diary No. 11647/2019- CO/SW. (2019-20)
6 Dr. Anuradha Thakare CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORK FOR PNEUMONIA Faculty Registered & Diary No. L-103240/2021 (2020-21)
7 Dr. Sonal Gore Attendance analysis software for educational organization Faculty Registered & Diary No. 2150/2019-CO/SW (2019-2020)
8 Dr. Sonal Gore Student Performance Analysis and Score Card generation Faculty Registered & Diary No. 2153/2019-CO/SW. (2019-2020)
9 Dr. Sonal Gore Design of Data Management and Prediction about Health Status to Support Health Care System Using QR Code Faculty Filed & Diary No. 5003/2016-CO/SW (2016-17)
8 Prof. Pallavi Dhade Presentation on Design and analysis of algorithm Faculty Registered & Diary No. 2148/2019-CO/L (2019-20)
9 Prof. Santwana Gudadhe PhD Research Synopsis Faculty Registered & Diary No. 1464/2023-CO/L (2022-23)